In the industrial sector, reducing costs and improving productivity are key drivers for all businesses.

Unexpected equipment breakdowns or repair costs can throw your production budget and schedule off course and give your competitors the edge.

Using ESP monitoring, your business will be able to see exactly where you can make savings to keep margins low, productivity and profits high, and meet sustainability goals. ESP monitors your entire operation — from your packing plant to your administration block. We plug your data gaps and provide your organisation with the information you need to make targeted fixes.   

Our energy alerts let you know what is happening when, and where, and we can also help with the why. Our data can also allow you to plan predictive maintenance and verify whether improvements have delivered what was promised. Once the monitoring is in place, ESP turns that Big Data into Smart Data. We use high-powered cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to provide unmatched insights and make recommendations to reduce waste across your organisation.

Fixing data gaps

Secure and validated data monitoring and management systems. Fully scalable and accessible 24/7. We can fix your data gaps.

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Generating Insights

We put the power back in your hands with insights identified through using our proven techniques in data analytics, AI and machine learning.

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Delivering Results

Take control and deliver real results for your business as we help you drive efficiency and make informed, data-driven decisions.

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