Commercial property

For commercial property owners, attracting and retaining high-quality tenants is key — and ESP can help.

We monitor and analyse your essential data to help to reduce utility use, while not compromising your tenants’ experience.

Using ESP monitoring for your property, you can see exactly where to make savings. This enables you to keep margins low and attract and retain corporate tenants. Our energy alerts will let you know what is happening when, and where, and we can also help with the why. Targeted fixes can then be made to improve efficiency and amenity value as well as meet the growing demand from tenants for property owners to reduce energy use and show their sustainability credentials.

Context is also key and ESP applies unmatched industry expertise and knowledge of the commercial property sector to refine insights that enable verified data-driven decisions and practical solutions.

Fixing data gaps

Secure and validated data monitoring and management systems. Fully scalable and accessible 24/7. We can fix your data gaps.

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Generating Insights

We put the power back in your hands with insights identified through using our proven techniques in data analytics, AI and machine learning.

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Delivering Results

Take control and deliver real results for your business as we help you drive efficiency and make informed, data-driven decisions.

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