Zoo roars ahead with 30% reduction

Pump efficiency contributes to 29% saving over one year

Energy saving initiatives

Variable speed drives regulate filtration motors according to flow rate requirements
Pipe insulation and turning pumps off at night when animals are inactive
A power factor correction unit led to reduced demand charges and network capacity
Fixing major water leaks identified by smart metering

For Auckland Zoo, keeping the seawater at a suitable temperature for the Sea Lion and Penguin enclosures resulted in a surprise $62,000 hike in energy costs. The zoo management team knew they needed to lower energy consumption. 

ESP collected data from the zoo's electricity meters and analysed overall energy use.

The zoo has now collectively cut peak energy consumption by 30% from an average of around 307 kVA to 285 kVA.

Auckland Zoo invested $31,350 and now enjoys savings of $73, 830 per year.