Ministry of Education

Big savings from switching off

Savings can be ploughed back into education

Energy saving initiatives

Switch off air conditioning, lights, IT, office equipment during summer holidays
Timers on pool pumps and air conditioning units
School-wide campaign to build energy awareness helps students learn

Energy use in schools during unoccupied hours is going unchecked and is costing schools thousands of dollars each year.

Installing monitoring equipment and analysing the energy data ensures ESP can advise schools which loads to switch off during the long summer holidays.

Switching off is effective, cheap, and easy to do, and can deliver considerable savings.

  • 38% saved -  Puhinui Primary

  • 50% saved -  Kingsford Primary

  • 52% saved -  Papatoetoe East Primary

Savings can be re-directed to support educational aims and objectives.

This pilot programme was funded by EECA and the Ministry of Education