Clean and dry NZ Laundry

Reduced energy costs within one month

“The savings we’ve made were relativey simple to implement”

Graham Notman, Plant Maintenance Manager

Energy saving initiatives

Remove basement lights from 24 hour circuit as only required 9-10 hours per day
Reduce voltage to basement fluorescent lamps by 15% by installing a lighting controller
Install a sensor for loading dock lights to switch off during daylight hours
Power factor unit increases the power factor and reduces demand to run machinery by up to 25%
Motor controller unit on a large washing machine paid for itself in under a year
Adjust an old dryer to eliminate the need for a pilot light to run continuously

NZTS (now Alsco) uses huge industrial washers and dryers to provide laundry, linen and washroom services.

An energy audit by ESP led to immediate electricity savings of $40,000-$50,000 per year.

The combination of energy savings and improved power factor has reduced overall electricity demand, saving money on both energy consumption and the maximum demand charge.

These small changes had an immediate impact with reduced energy costs showing up in the very first month.