Auckland Council

On target to save $1.5M per year

Optimising buildings to reduce energy use and achieve valuable savings

Energy saving initiatives

28% reduction after lighting upgrade at Remuera Library
50% reduction after timers were placed on air conditioning at Papakura Service Centre
Power generated from solar panels at the new Wellsford library

To get better information on its overall energy consumption, Auckland Council used EECA funding to engage ESP to install real-time metering at 56 sites.  

The meters provide data for all Council utilities and monitors HVAC, pool plants, boilers, and riser distribution boards. This enables sub-load reporting and incoming meter reporting.

The property team can now focus on optimising buildings to reduce energy use and achieve valuable savings.

Minimising night and weekend loads across Council properties is well underway and reducing peak daytime usage is the next priority.    

This systematic approach to energy management means Auckland Council is on target to achieve reductions in its overall energy use by 2040, and realise annual savings of $1.5 million.