ASB Saves Big Change

36% annual energy reduction

“We've seen huge savings!”

Leo de Graaf, Senior Services Engineer

Energy saving initiatives

Energy audits, lighting control, HVAC upgrades
Renewable energy and greenhouse gas studies
Energy-efficient design for new building projects and refurbishments
Review of leadership, policies, reporting, project planning and implementation

ASB had the potential to save 19% of its electricity consumption.  

Monitoring equipment was installed in all ASB branches aross New Zealand to provide quick, accurate real-time consumption data for performance analysis.

This immediately enabled ASB to identify and reduce after-hours loads followed by reduced daytime loads.

ASB’s annual electricity consumption is currently achieving a 36% reduction and is on target to exceed 10,800MWh energy savings per year.

ASB has achieved savings that are 17% over its target of 19%.

ESP and ASB would like to acknowledge the support of the Electricity Commission who funded this project.