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Using data to decarbonise — becoming a climate conscious business

Climate change is recognised as the most serious and threatening global environmental problem, threatening food and water security, homes, lives, businesses and economies.

You can reduce the impact of your activities, and make climate change action real inside your business. For some organisations it’s about taking the first step, while for others it’s about taking the next. ESP can help you at any stage of your climate change journey, using data to help you ‘decarbonise’ for the good of your business, and the planet.    

It’s a simple formula. High quality data + analysis + actionable insights = your ability to make real carbon reductions and contribute to the global goal to limit warming to 1.5 degrees.

Being sustainable not only helps your bottom line, but is a vital part of corporate social responsibility in today’s warming world. Customers are increasingly seeking to work with, buy from, or work for, organisations that are taking real action and reducing their carbon footprint.

ESP can help you meet these expectations and put sustainability at the heart of your business, for long-term success. 

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