Our energy saving services.

ESP provides a range of services that meet three core objectives: fixing data gaps, generating insights, and delivering results.

Our experience and our access to industry-leading tools allow us to uncover the stories hidden behind your data and unlock better results.


Benchmark performance

We provide secure and validated data monitoring and management systems. Fully scalable and accessible 24/7.

Scalable Solution

ESP can provide you with a scalable cloud-based database solution to store all your energy utility, production, activity and machine related data. The data can come from any source in any shape or size. All your data will be stored in one place.

Data Security

All your data can now be securely stored forever, backed up in one or multiple locations of your choice. You no longer need to worry about losing data from spreadsheets or on-premise servers.

Data Validation

All the data is validated before it is added to the database. This ensures that the data is correct and can be used for further analysis purposes.

Data Monitoring and Management

ESP can provide hardware solutions to monitor any type of data. This data is automatically added to the cloud-based database. With ESP’s hardware, all the data is captured and managed by us.

Data Access

You own your data. All data is accessible online 24x7. ESP can provide you with data in the format of your choice, including API, Database, automated reports in Excel or csv, and others.


Know how you compare. ESP can help you set benchmarks that are relevant to you and your sector, and analyse your performance using comparable data from other sources.


Generating insights

Uncover the stories hidden behind your data and find the actionable insights that unlock better results.

Advanced Data Analytics

Advanced data analytics allows us to compare relevant parameters and report on KPIs or correlations. This process is key to transforming data into valuable insights for your business.

Human Intelligence

ESP has a highly skilled and qualified team of data scientists, data analysts and energy consultants and engineers. Having a human in the loop is a critical element in drawing usable, valuable insights from our data analysis. Automation allows us to gather and process massive amounts of data, but human insight is the key to unlocking the opportunities.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

ESP’s data analysts and scientists can write up custom algorithms to carry out machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning on your data. Machine Learning enables the system to predict outcomes with a certain degree of confidence. This will enable you to forecast energy usage, machine failures, and asset performance.


Delivering results

We deliver real results for your business as we help you drive efficiency and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Utility Efficiency

With the help of energy, weather, production, activity, and other data, ESP can help your organisation drive energy efficiency. All your energy and utility data can be monitored, analysed, and reported within one single system, making the invisible visible.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Having sustainability at the heart of your business is vital to your long-term success. ESP's simple formula of high quality data + analysis + actionable insights allows you to make real carbon reductions and contribute to the global goal of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees.

Interactive Dashboard Reporting

In a fast-moving business environment, live interactive dashboard reporting can help you track key performance indicators. ESP can create separate dashboards for different sectors of your organisation, so each one is able to view graphs and charts relevant to their role, removing the need to work with spreadsheets to create custom graphs and charts.

Fault finding and asset performance management

With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, finding faults within machines and key plant equipment becomes easier. With this knowledge, not only can you carry out preventative maintenance, but the system can anticipate what will happen next using historical or real time data. Artificial Intelligence allows the system to prescribe action based on previous learnings. This can reduce time spent to diagnose and repair a fault, resulting in reduced downtime.

Data-driven Decision Making

ESP can facilitate data-driven decision making for your business using data, analysis, insights, and reporting. This can include predictive quality assessment, predictive maintenance on key processes, and asset condition monitoring.

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