Case study


“Without a sustainable focus, businesses will not survive and collaborative businesses are going to be more successful” — Bernie Roberts, CEO, Webstar

The printing industry use enormous amounts of energy in their production plants including printing, cooling, drying, trimming, folding and packing machines. Installing ESP’s energy monitoring system has enabled Webstar, one of New Zealand’s largest commercial printers, to make significant energy savings within the first few months, and they are clearly on track to exceed annual targets.

ESP has installed 28 monitoring systems to key plant assets and ESP’s robust, proven capability to track, manage and reduce energy use has provided Webstar with additional benefits such as extending the lifespan of its machines and improving staff wellbeing.

The results have been so positive that Webstar has now installed ESP monitoring systems into three other plants, including their large Masterton plant, which are already showing significant gains.  Over the next year Webstar is looking at introducing more automation of controllers and timers to further consolidate its energy savings management system.

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