Case study

Cool stores

“We have been working with ESPNZ for just over 12 months and have made electricity savings well in excess of our initial expectations – the M&T project proves the adage that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. The ability to measure detailed machine and operation specific electricity usage has been the catalyst to saving in excess of 1.1 million kWh in the last 12 months" -  Bruce Fyfe Group General Manager – Commercial, Wilson Hellaby Ltd.

In today’s operating environment cool store and food processing businesses are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs and improve productivity. Energy is typically one of the biggest costs.

That’s why ESP has devised a robust, proven solution to track, manage and reduce energy use. Results have varied from solid to spectacular. In every case savings in excess of 10% pa have been identified and in several cases achieved already. In most cases these savings have generated paybacks of less than 1 year on the initial investment made.

Across all these sites ESP has installed electricity and, where required, gas and water metering focussing on the major plant and equipment items. The resulting data gives our clients the ability to identify usage anomalies, variations and adverse trends. ESP has developed several reports and dashboards to track our client’s energy consumption, including correlating energy use with stored product/throughput, temperature and compressor/capacity utilisation.

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