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As soon as we installed the Power Meters and Data loggers and had visibility of our power usage profile we could clearly see where we could make power reductions. We've made huge savings in the past years and are now working on keeping these savings going and looking for other opportunities to reduce our usage" - Leo De Graaf, Senior Services Engineer, ASB

In retail, a great location, great products and a good team are all essential elements for success. However, none of that will matter if you can't control your costs. ESP are helping our clients in retail make from 7-50% in energy cost savings annually and in every case paybacks on their investment have been better than 1 year.

Working with ASB Bank ESP has helped them reduce their energy costs by 41%, identify which branches' electricity use was higher than average and provide solutions to mitigate these, saving ASB $13m in costs.

ESP and ASB would like to acknowledge the support of the Electricity Commission who funded this project.

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