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We measure to help you manage

Utility usage is measurable. And measurement generates data. But what do you do with data once you have it? Because data without analysis and insight is just taking up server space.

ESP is New Zealand’s leading expert in combining big data techniques, advanced AI analytics and engineering nous to reduce costs and improve profitability and sustainability, through more efficient asset utilisation. We help businesses identify waste areas and fix them – for the long term.

We work with more than 100 organisations, across 550 sites, in multiple sectors. 

ESP will use your data to read between the lines of your utility usage and find the hidden inefficiencies. We fix the data gaps, analyse what we find using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and human data expertise. We generate insights that deliver real results.

We will also help your organisation take real climate change action and reduce its carbon footprint. We will include a monthly carbon footprint report for your electricity and gas usage so you can see where you can reduce carbon waste and join others in limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees.

ESP can structure a solution that suits your needs. The question is, how much do you want to save?

The speed and diversity of technology development means that the data volume is increasing exponentially, on a global scale. The complexity of this data far exceeds the capability of a human operator to analyse and manage. To improve the speed of decision-making and simplify the complexity of these processes, businesses need to harness the powers of advanced AI.

To manage this volume of data ESP has developed and refined an advanced internet of things (IoT) platform. Lines of machine code process data, and find the best and most efficient solution to a problem in a matter of seconds. With the help of those unique algorithms, we help you to reduce energy use, remove waste, improve asset utilisation, improve productivity and deliver a more sustainable product.

Our systems deliver real and significant energy savings (more than $40 million to date) that simply no other provider in New Zealand can replicate.

Meet Our Team

Senior Leadership

Lincoln Watson


Jeremy Allen

Director & Founder

Tim Mayson

Operations Manager

Trevor Nash

Consulting Services Manager EMANZ Accredited Energy Masters Auditor

Adam Horne

Chief Financial Officer

Martin Kirk

General Manager, Sales

The Team

Beryl Wang

Business Intelligence Specialist

Martin Gummer

Business Development Manager

Hong Lee

Building Optimisation Manager

Isamu Mair

Energy Intern

Jason Loh

Electronics Engineer

Keith Spencer-Edgar

Energy Intern

Leigh Featherstone

Business Development Manager

Mannat Choksi

Energy Consultant

Mareus Aguilar

Energy Analyst

Mark Rossiter

Technical Account Manager

Michael Xing

Data Scientist

Nan Li

Electrical Engineer

Ngaire Wannan

Financial Controller

Olivia Winn

Energy Engineer

Philip Baker

Energy Intern

Sherry Ruan

Data Analyst

Zoe Foreman

Energy Analyst


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