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Real-time Monitoring

Sophisticated, powerful and simple to deploy

  • Metering solutions

    We supply and install com prehensive metering solutions for electricity, power quality, gases, water, compressed air, steam, air quality and temperature humidity.

    Guaranteed reliable systems that securely transfer your data to a remote database where it will be stored in perpetuity.

    You can access your data 24/7 and working collaboratively, we will fully unlock the value of all the data insights across your organisation leading to greater profit, better asset utilisation, less operational downtime and improved sustainability.

    EECA grants may be available to subsidise your energy monitoring costs.

  • Data Management Platform

    This can run independently, alongside, or be integrated with an existing building automation system.

    A range of customised reports, dashboards, and visualisations are safely stored in the cloud and are available via a secured web gateway.

    The platform includes a range of features including fault-detection, project tracking, billing, maintenance, asset management, alert service and budgeting.