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Data Monitoring & Analysis

Real-time dashboards and dynamic energy monitoring tools.

Energy efficiency overview across all sites.

Use highly accurate reporting to investigate and deep dive into your energy consumption so you can identify inefficiencies and take action.

Strategic Portal - Executive Dashboard

  • Quick overview for decision makers 
  • High level measures of performance that is user-friendly
  • Efficient evaluation options provide clear indicators for action 
  • Make meaningful comparisons with previous data or with targets 

Analytical portal - Easy Interaction

  • Enables you to analyse the data to pinpoint the issue and cause, digging as deep as required
  • Provide analytical support to help you understand the technical details 
  • Don't wait for the bill; receive automated SMS alerts if consumption or cost breaches an acceptable level
  • Using dashboards on a daily basis allows operators to identify poor performing sites and make timely adjustments

Operational portal

  • Monitor the operation and react quickly when necessary
  • Immediate and dynamic design to grab your attention if a cost or consumption variable falls outside acceptable performance
  • Access more detail by drilling down through the data